Meet Dr. Cheryl Houston

fullsizerenderA graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Houston specializes in gentle, low force chiropractic techniques that allow the treatment of all age groups, from babies to seniors. In addition to being a chiropractor, Dr. Houston is skilled in providing cold laser, a physical therapy used to decrease pain and inflammation.

Her philosophy and experience have led Dr. Houston to incorporate a whole body approach to treating patients, including exercise and nutrition. She has found that in treating patients more comprehensively, their long-term goals are rewarded with better results and improved lifestyle.

Prior to entering the practice of chiropractic, Dr. Houston worked for many years as a Registered Nurse in critical care areas as well as neurology/ neurosurgery. She was dawn to chiropractic after experiencing a back injury herself, at a time in her life when the traditional treatment of medication was not an option. Chiropractic treatment provided pain relief and mobility within just a few visits. Because Chiropractic allows the practitioner to interface with her clients early on to promote health, the decision to return to college and to prepare to study chiropractic was clarified.

Her additional post doctorate in occupational health has allowed a deeper understanding and appropriate management of work related injuries.

Having a dual background in nursing and chiropractic has been extremely valuable in interfacing with both patients and their physicians. She has addressed physician groups and is author of Chiropractic Care Why?, a slide presentation for physicians.


November 1986 – Dr. Houston opens her chiropractic practice on the first floor of a three-family house near Webster Square in Worcester. Even though visiting a chiropractor is publicly recognized as beneficial, most insurance companies did not cover chiropractic care.

1988 – With a growing practice, Dr. Houston brings an additional chiropractor on board and increases her staff to meet growing demands of the community for chiropractic care. Back To Health initiates an informational newsletter to Loon Pond Wellness patients with the goal of helping them to become informed, healthy individuals.

1991 – Back To Health moves to 82 Park Avenue in Worcester – renovates a 100-year old 2 family house into a full-service chiropractic clinic with massage therapy.

2003-2006 – Continued expansion of health services to include the offices of a Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Nutritional Counselor. Each of these individuals compliment our chiropractic services to make our office a total wellness center.

2006 – Our practice continues to be successful as a result of the referrals from you, our current and former patients, as well as the primary care physicians who continue to refer their patients to our office. We join the information age with an electronic newsletter.

2011 – We celebrated our Silver Anniversary! We look forward to another 25 years of providing quality chiropractic care in central Massachusetts.

2016 – Opening of Loon Pond Wellness and Chiropractic